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The jelq technique was reportedly first used by Arab tribesmen centuries ago as part of the passage from puberty to manhood.

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For maximum girth enhancement, perform the jelqing technique on 85% hard penis.

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But there are things to avoid if you are thinking about trying out the jelq exercise.What makes V jelq different from regular jelqing lays in the fingers used to squeeze the penis.A symbol of masculinity and power in many cultures, a thick manly penis is an object of desire for many women and an object of envy by our less-endowed brothers.These exercises refer to ancient secret Arabic exercises that a lot of men use to enlarge their manhood in a natural yet effective manner.

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Jelqing - What Is Jelqing and Learn How To Jelqing Correctly!

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You can increase the length of your penis by 1.5 inches and thicker by 1 inch with the help of Jelq guide.In this write-up we will discuss everything you need to know about jelqing.

Jelqing, or penis exercises, can be an effective tool for increasing your size.

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For the proper length gain, jelq with not fully erect penis but only 50-65% erect.You get a decent intro to the use of jelqing, but honestly, you can get more detailed information for free on the internet and join forums that are free and can let you ask questions.

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The Academy of Jelqing in Chestnut Hills, PA, has classes for very horny men who jelq each other and in many cases (most of them) way over into orgasms, so that the Academy classroom walls are covered with sperm.The one handed Jelq exercise is performed just like a standard Jelq, but the process is repeated using one hand.